About Us
Our Creation Story


Why You Matter (WYM) was created out of a necessity for a social media platform free from the usual constraints and frustrations. We saw endless stories of people being put in “jail” or not being able to find what they wanted in search results or their “feed” being suppressed and filled by an algorithm or being censored by having their content deleted. We were watching our collective freedoms being eroded in the country that has always been the beacon of personal freedom. We were tired of it and knew we could do it better. So, we did. You’re welcome.


It is clear Big Tech controls access to almost all information. News, politics, world views, ads, products/services, tech, entertainment and the list go on. They control the search results when you are buying a book and who sees your post about your thoughts on the book you bought. Their reasons for doing this do not matter. But you matter. Your thoughts matter. If people can access each other’s thoughts freely, it matters. We set out to build a truly autonomous social media platform. WYM disrupts the social media establishment by providing an innovative platform that allows what Big Tech will not. Freedom for all.


  • You will have freedom of speech. You will not be censored.
  • You will have a true “timeline”. Your timeline will not be a “feed” manipulated by an algorithm to control what you see and how you are seen.
  • You will experience general ads. You will not be spied on and have ads targeted at you.
  • You will own your content. You will not be held hostage by the loss of your content history.
  • You will own your own persona. You will not be censored or suppressed.
  • You will be rewarded for your engagement in the WYM Live community with activity points and merit badges from your very first activity.
  • We built WYM to give you back the control over why you matter without suppression, manipulation or censorship. Tell the world Why You Matter.    


WYM is what you make of it. We will not censor users. If you don’t like what someone shares, you have the power to “change the channel” and to live and let live. As do they.